Why Cipl

Compromising any component in the manufacturing process can significantly diminish the quality of the results, which is why CIPL does not settle for cheaper or easier alternatives. We set high standards in our production process, right from raw material sourcing to packaging, using state-of-the-art machinery. The most significant ways in which CIPL differs from other fasteners is highlighted below.

RAW MATERIAL Steel Wire Rods are procured from Main Producers such as RINL, JSW etc. Base Steel - Fully Killed and free from inclusions

S & Ph - Below 0.04%

Crack Free Head & Thread

Reduction Ratio - Above 100
High Mechanical Strength

No Fatigue Failure

No wastage - all bolts are fit for use

Long life
WIRE PROCESSING Steel Wire Rods go through Acid Pickling before drawing Drawn Wire is free from scales, inclusions and dirt
Smooth Surface Finish

Long life of Electro Plating & Hot Dip Galvanizing
HEAD FORGING Higher size of Shank Dia and Pitch Dia Minimal clearance between shank and component hole

Maximal Interface between Bolt and Nut threads
No radial slip between bolted components

High Tensile Strength of the joint
TRIMMING Accurate Trimming Axis and Dimensions Accurate A/F & A/C Dimentions

Co-axial Shank & Head
Perfect Wrench fit

Maximum Torque Transmission
DRUM POLISHING Drum Polishing in Wood Dust Free from Burnt Oil & Dirt

No Trimming Burs

No Sharp Edges
Clean and Polished

Clear washer face seating

Safe for Manual handling
THREAD ROLLING Ground & Hardened Thread Rolling Dies of accurate profile Accurate thread profile

Smooth & Burnished thread surface
Perfect matching of threads

Uniform distribution of load

No galling of mating threads
PACKING PP+HDPE+JUTE Tripple Bag Packing Strong and Moisture Proof

Retention of Lubrication
Safe transportation & handling

No Rusting

Long Shelf life