About Us

CIPL was established in 2007 by a group of technocrats who felt that Indian Industry at large was lacking in high quality structural fasteners. Since then, we have been providing top-grade Manufacturing Industries with Mild Steel Fasteners that match their requirements for performance and life. Our mission is to help our clients utilize superior fasteners for their products and machinery, as fasteners are crucial to the quality and efficiency of any process/product.

We set high standards in our production process, right from raw material sourcing to packaging, using state-of-the-art machinery. This relentless passion for quality sets us apart from the competition. We also enjoy a reputation of unflinching integrity and reliability, which allows us to have a very loyal client base and the respect of our suppliers.

We seek to provide manufacturers with unrivalled products and be an example of excellence within the fastener industry. Our clients are assured that when they purchase a CIPL Fastener, they will receive the best in the market. Our service team is always glad to address any questions or concerns.


To be recognized as a pre-eminent manufacturer of Industrial Fasteners by delivering superior products and to consistently set high standards in stakeholder satisfaction.



To make the finest quality Mild Steel Structural Fasteners by following the best practices in Manufacturing and to serve our customers with integrity and reliability, while delivering superior value and returns.